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Stress less and enjoy more at Christmas

Does Christmas feel more stressful than fun?  Do you find yourself rushing about buying presents, sorting out meals, putting up decorations, making travel plans and writing Christmas cards?  Are you worrying about how things will go on the day?  Will there be enough food? Will everyone like their presents? Will everyone get along?

All of this takes us away from the present moment and before we know it Christmas has come and gone and we haven’t had a chance to enjoy it!  To help you get the most out of Christmas here are some ideas to help you  stress less and enjoy more:

  • Let go of expectations of the perfect Christmas.  Decide what’s really important and what you can let go of.
  • Take regular mindful pauses; let go of all the planning and busyness and check in with how you are feeling.
  • Take care of yourself and do the things that nourish you so you have more capacity to get everything done and take care of others.
  • Eat mindfully using all of your senses, really savouring what you are eating.
  • Look for the good in others especially when you start to get frustrated with them.
  • Remember the mind likes looking for problems so take time throughout the day to hunt for what’s right and really appreciate the moment.
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