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Life and work have become increasingly complex and uncertain.  Many of us find ourselves frequently consumed by thoughts, feelings, worries, pressures and responsibilities. This can get in the way of us being fulfilled, productive and happy. Mindfulness can help us to become aware of what is happening moment by moment rather than being on ‘automatic pilot’. This creates an opportunity for us to respond rather than react, which can improve the quality of our lives. People who complete mindfulness training often report some of the following:

 Switching off more easily at the end of a busy day
Being less reactive and feeling more in control
Feeling calmer and relaxing more easily
 Managing stress more effectively
Better self-awareness
Better concentration and attention
Improved decision making 
 Handling thoughts, moods and emotions more effectively

 Increased wellbeing
Greater creativity
More able to cope with pain and illness
Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
Better sleep quality
 Improved self-esteem and confidence
Improved relationships
Being more tolerant and accepting

For more information on mindfulness take a look at the Mindful Nation UK report

Mindfulness training graphic - for mindfulness course by Sara Hammond of Be More

mindfulness for individuals

Introductory workshops, 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses (MBSR) or 1 on 1 mindfulness training, face to face or on Skype.

mindfulness for the workplace

Leadership training, 1 on 1 training, taster sessions and programmes tailored to your needs.

"Prior to the course I was a little unsure of what to expect but I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience which I would highly recommend. It has made me stop and think about situations that arise and the day to day world around me in a different way as well as the importance of taking time out for myself. I feel calmer and better able to deal with stressful situations. Sara is a very professional, competent and knowledgeable coach who has a calming and relaxing manner. Our group immediately felt at ease with each other due to Sara's style and confidence. I would recommend this course for everyone, it's content is applicable to us all."

Margaret Hansen

Margaret Hansen

HR consultant - OnlyHR

"Sara has skillfully woven together this mindfulness course; guiding us through the ideas, concepts and practical exercises with gentleness and humour, thereby easily sharing her depth of experience. I now have a range of practices which I can turn to as I go about my everyday life. The greatest treasure I have taken away from this course is accepting whatever arises just as it is and staying present to the physical and emotional feelings without the need to distract myself. I would thoroughly recommend this programme with Sara."

Emily Wright

Emily Wright

Yoga Teacher, Marlow

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Sara's mindfulness course. She is warm and engaging and made the course very easy to participate in. She has taught me some extremely useful skills which I can use in everyday life. The course was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend it."



"I didn't know much about Mindfulness before doing this course, apart from what I had picked up in the media, but the chance to switch off my internal critical monologue was very appealing. I can honestly say that the course exceeded my expectations and that 7 months on I am still feeling the benefits. Sara is an incredibly talented teacher whose sessions were extremely well planned. She is very supportive and encouraging, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Claire Morris

Claire Morris

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