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People come to coaching for many reasons.  Some want to gain clarity, achieve balance or enhance their wellbeing.  Others come to find purpose, meaning  and direction or to improve how they interact with others. 

Mindfulness-based Integrative Coach Therapy combines coaching with counselling and mindfulness.  This approach enables you to clarify what’s really important to you,  gain greater insight into your habitual patterns, understand what’s holding you back and find healthier ways to relate to yourself and others.  Working together we will  identify  the plans, practices and qualities you need to develop to help you  achieve your goals and live, lead and work with more purpose and fulfilment. 


Leadership and Development Training Graphic - Sara Hammond - Be More

personal development & wellbeing coaching

Find purpose, meaning & direction.
Feel calmer, more resilient & focused.
Find greater vitality & energy.
Transform unhelpful habits.
Recognise & manage your emotions.
Develop communication & relationship skills.
Manage stress, anxiety and burnout.

transition coaching

Retirement, career breaks, returning to work, job changes, promotions, becoming a parent, separation, loss, menopause. Life is full of transitions both big and small. Having someone to help you navigate these points in your life can help you ride the changes with more ease.

leadership coaching

Grow your emotional & social intelligence.
Cultivate good working relationships.
Develop greater presence & authenticity. Enhance your wellbeing & build resilience.
Prevent or recover from burnout.
Find smarter ways to work.

supervision for coaches, consultants & trainers

Invest in your personal and professional development. Take time to reflect on your work, explore different perspectives and develop new insights.


“I want to thank you so much  for all that you gave me to work on and think about during our sessions. I can’t express how useful and helpful it was!” Amy


I offer all new clients a free 30 minute phone or Skype session to make sure that my approach works for them. 

To book your free session please call 01844 396464 or email [email protected]