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Mindfulness at work

With so many things competing for our attention in the workplace many of us are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  The ‘always on’ culture and the speed and uncertainty of life today affects our ability to stay focused.  We end up being pulled from one thing to another.  This not only affects how we perform at […]

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Mindfulness taster 30 June

  Would you like to feel calmer, improve your wellbeing and get more out of life? Then why not come along to this 90 minute mindfulness taster and try out a variety of practices and find out more about the 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.  FIND OUT MORE / BOOK NOW  

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What to do when you feel like you are failing

Did you set yourself some New Year’s resolutions?  Did you start out with lots of enthusiasm and now find that things have slipped?  Then you are not alone. Research shows that very few people achieve their resolutions and most of us give up before the end of January.  All too often with goals, we start […]

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Why practice mindfulness?

                There are lots of good reasons for practising mindfulness but don’t take my word for it have a read of what people say at the end of a mindfulness taster: To avoid rushing To feel calmer To look at your life differently To gain an awareness of reality […]

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Being present

As part of a mindfulness taster, we always do an eating practice.  We slow down the whole process of eating and bring in all of our senses…..looking, smelling, touching and tasting? From this simple practice we discover some very useful things: How much we miss when we are in automatic pilot The importance of bringing into […]

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Time to take a pause?

Busy?  Then why not take a pause… Do you find yourself rushing through your day moving from one task to another?  How often do you hear yourself saying I don’t have enough time?  Then perhaps you need to start taking a pause. Taking a pause might seem counterintuitive when you are so busy but there […]

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Mindfulness training in Thame

The next mindfulness taster on 4 January 2017 is filling up fast. FIND OUT MORE The next 8 week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) course starts on 25 January 2017 at the Barns Centre in Thame.   Interested?   Then why not come along to the taster on 4 January.    FIND OUT MORE If the dates don’t work and […]

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Discover how mindfulness can help you and your business

Working for yourself has a number of really good advantages. However, working in a small business means that things can often be hectic. With targets to achieve, deadlines to meet and clients to please you can often feel overwhelmed and unfocused. Many businesses and leaders are turning to mindfulness to train themselves to be able […]

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Mind Full or Mindful?

Do you find yourself frequently consumed and often overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings, worries, pressure and responsibilities?  Do you find it hard to switch off at the end of a busy day?  Does all of this get in the way of you being fulfilled, connected and happy?  Then how about trying mindfulness? Research shows that […]

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