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Being present

As part of a mindfulness taster, we always do an eating practice.  We slow down the whole process of eating and bring in all of our senses…..looking, smelling, touching and tasting?

From this simple practice we discover some very useful things:

  • How much we miss when we are in automatic pilot
  • The importance of bringing into play all of our senses
  • How being more aware of our experience changes how we experience things
  • How the mind makes associations and pulls us away from being present
  • How we love to time travel to the future and the past
  • The benefits of being more open and curious to the skilful aspects of our lives
  • How the mind and body work together to give us a much richer experience
  • How awareness brings more choice so we can respond in more skillful ways
  • How much less we want to eat when we really focus on what we are eating

So why not see if you can bring the same attention to just one thing today.  Perhaps a cup of coffee, a meal, walking down the road, even just sitting here right now as you read this.  Bring all of your senses in to play and see what you notice.


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